Magician’s Club – September 2023

The Grimoire: What’s up in Gaius Town?

Howdy, Magician! (Am I mixing metaphors? Cowboys and magicians? Hmm…)

I can’t believe it’s already September! This year is flying by, and I have so much to do that I often forget everything I’ve gotten done so far: releasing 30 episodes of Tales of a Vernian Youth, over 50 episodes of Manifestation of Prophecy, a bunch of episodes of 2 other serial stories, putting out my first ebook (ToVY Tale 1, available in my shop for $0.79), starting my membership (the Magician’s Club HQ), and more things that I either can’t remember or can’t discuss yet!


We’ve got 4 months left of the year, and I’m writing, editing, fiddling, and formatting as fast as I can. What can I finish by the end of the year? We’ll see!

What I’m working on daily?

I am currently balancing finishing up the content for the ToVY Tale 2 ebook release and writing ToVY Tale 5. If you’re reading early access on Kindle Vella, Laterpress, or at the Magician’s Club HQ, I’ll be taking a hiatus from releasing Tales of a Vernian Youth episodes starting September 21st, when the final episode of ToVY Tale 4 will be released on those platforms. Once Tale 5 is edited, I’ll begin releasing again.

Tale 5 is part of Volume 2, meaning it won’t be released on ebook until well into next year, and won’t be published to the big retailers until at least late next year (unless a miracle happens). But you can grab early access in oh so many ways.

Want to get notified when the ebooks for each tale are released? Sign up for the watchlist in my shop!

As you can see, I’ve got ToVY on the brain, but I will continue releasing episodes of Manifestation of Prophecy and A Little Bit of Chaos Theory for the foreseeable future.

Back at HQ

If you’re interested in reading all my work and getting updates on what I’m working on, the HQ is where it’s at. Since the last newsletter, they got 4 episodes of ToVY and 6 episodes of ManiProphy, plus community posts and a free ebook! That last one ain’t even on the list of rewards!

Are you ready to take the next step in your Magician’s journey? Come join us at the Magician’s Club HQ!

Life Updates

I’ve been making an effort to read more books over the last couple of years. So, before bed, I’ve started reading a few chapters on my phone. I’m getting some books through my library and others through various sites like Kobo and Amazon. Since starting this effort last year, I’ve read more books than the previous 10 years combined.

It’s a great learning experience and a lot of fun.

I just moved on to a new (to me) author. I’m only a few chapters in, and I still don’t really know what the story is about. But the characters are strong and the storytelling voice is nicely done. I don’t consider myself a book reviewer, as I tend to be pretty picky about the books I read, but if you’d like to hear my thoughts on books I’ve been reading, reply to this email and let me know!

Mindreader: 2 cents in 1 question

The Calling: Awesome Stuff

Looking for something fun to read? Check out this new release from my friend Nikolai Wisekal.

The cover for Galaxy Waffles by Nikolai Wisekal. A blue alien with a lot of teeth and glowing white eyes wears a black shirt with a red-striped black vest as they tip their hat. Behind them is a red-headed woman wearing a space suit and holding a big sci-fi gun. Behind her is a robot with 6 arms giving 2 thumbs up while holding kitchen utensils. In the background is a starscape with a waffle-shaped spaceship flying across the book, leaving a syrupy trail behind.

Killer ingredients, entitled customers and explosions are part of the job description for Jolene, Boris and Murph, as they navigate untamed space in their diner ship. Life is lean, but they made it work until two dissatisfied customers blew a hole in their hull, stealing the galaxy’s most psychedelic sushi.

Before they can clean up the mess, Erabella, a nightmare from Jolene’s past, serves up an astronomical repair bill and a write up that threatens to destroy Jolene and her family.

Will they meet their profit quota? What shady deals will they make? Can they dodge ravenous ship-eating predators? Or will their family be torn apart forever?

Cool Kickstarter Campaign!

I happened across this campaign in a group I’m in and thought you might enjoy it!

Do you love heartwarming fantasy like Legends and Lattes, and intricate worlds like in Howl’s Moving Castle? Then this book is for you!

With light romance, hard-working and creative protagonists, these four stories are perfect to cozy up with every season.

The Crystal Ball: Recent Releases

Here’s what I released for you since the last Magician’s Club update! 

✨ Tales of a Vernian Youth ✨

  • (4.27) Hauling It To The Town Hall
  • (4.28) Sestymatic Opposition
  • (4.29) A Plea To Stay
  • (4.30) We Need To Leave

☄️Manifestation of Prophecy ☄️

  • Episode 49 – Second Thoughts
  • Episode 50 – Running Short
  • Episode 51 – Tussle
  • Episode 52 – Distraction and Escape
  • Episode 53 – Next Steps
  • Episode 54 – Beacon of Understanding

💗 Skies Are Blue: Rain Does Fall 💗

  • Episode 28: The Scholarship
  • Episodes 29-31: The Scholarship Gala
  • Episode 32: Amber Levine


Here are some things I’m currently enjoying.

READING: A Man With One of Those Faces by Caimh McDonnell

TV: Good Omens 2

GAMING: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Love & Light,


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