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Queer Magical Stories Await You!

A magician. A robot. Infinite alternate realities.

Magician Octavian is ready to change the world with Replika, a robot with a perpetual energy core. Instead, he steps into a trap that ensnares him and his robot in a web of alternate realities. Get started on this humorous and harrowing adventure. More >>

Tags: science fantasy, humor, action, adventure, found family

Destiny isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

A prophecy calls upon Maliah to gain magical abilities she isn’t sure she can control & Jarith to murder Maliah’s mother. The future depends on them, but making the right choice is never easy. More >>

Tags: science fantasy, humor, generational story

How do you save an extinct race of living ships?

A living spaceship and a mission so secret, the ship doesn’t even remember what it is. Join a band of explorers as they travel to the least sought after corners of the galaxy in search of answers to very vague questions. More >>

Tags: science fiction, humor, space adventure, found family

Danae must choose between passion & revenge.

After killing Danae’s father, a demon kidnaps and imprisons her. But the next time they meet, he is kind and caring. Will she exact revenge by mastering magic, or will she die a prisoner, unable to deny her feelings for her captor? More >>

Tags: dark fantasy, paranormal, romance, demons, drama

Would you risk your soul to save the life of a child?

Adams and his niece are in an accident that takes his life and leaves her in a coma. There is still a chance to save her, but to do so, he’ll have to enter the forbidden place called Darkrealm, where creatures called Whispers corrupt souls. More >>

Tags: dark fantasy, paranormal, drama, found family

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Connected stories about found family and love.

Rachael is naive and kind-hearted. Kristen is self-centered and stubborn. Alejandro wants to make a difference in kids’ lives. They all have more to learn about healing. Get started on this heartwarming series today. More >>

Tags: coming of age, found family, heartwarming, generational story

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