You have a story to tell.  I can bring it to life.

I’m Gaius, a visual science communicator with a background in science.

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Let me communicate your complex topic in a bite-sized infographic.  See more examples.



Ready for an animated GIF or video that explains that research technique or molecular pathway?  See more examples.



My workshops are designed to be interactive.  With less lecturing and more exercises, activities, and conversations, we’ll build skills and relationships.  Contact me for more info.

  • From Science To Infographic: Learn how to simplify your science and create your own infographic.
  • Adobe Illustrator for the beginner: Learn the basics of using Adobe Illustrator and how to quickly get started creating your own images.
  • Improve your slides with visuals: Learn how to use visuals to convey complex ideas.
  • Create your own. Is there a topic that you’d love to hear more about?  Contact me and let’s talk!

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Whether you’re a university department, a journal, or a graduate student, your story deserves to be told visually. My unique background means I can make it happen.

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