Who Am I?

Artist & Scientist, I’m a one-person business (though I sometimes get help from my cats) who gets excited easily and loves working with people like you!

Gaius with a computer in the background, filled with code

I’m Gaius, a trans* female to male-ish non-binary queer. A trained artist and scientist, I’m obtained my PhD in Cancer Biology from the University of Arizona in 2019. 

I was trained in fine arts, film & video production, and sound design before leaving it all for science. Now I’m putting it all together to bring cool stories about nature to life.

I’ve always loved a good story.

Our world is complex, and even the simplest things can turn into monsters to communicate. But tell it as a story, and suddenly complicated topics become more digestible.

I create infographics, illustrations, animations, and more to tell stories like the one you’re thinking of RIGHT NOW! I’ve also been told that I’m a natural teacher, and love to see creations made by those I work with.

I pride myself in being kind and approachable, and I LOVE learning from my clients! If you want to work with someone who shares your vision and excitement, we should chat.

I am very impressed with Gaius’s skills as an artist, scientist, and communicator. If you’re looking for someone who can understand your vision and turn your ideas into an eye-catching graphic, I can’t recommend him enough.

Robin McLachlan

Graduate student
School of oceanography
University of Washington

When it comes to science communication, Gaius is a true “unicorn,” bringing together backgrounds in art and science to create eye-catching and informative images.

Anna Christensen, MPH

science writer

My belief is that visual storytelling is a magical experience that changes lives.

I can bring your story to life.  Get a free consultation today.

My goal is to create beautiful stories about the amazing world we live in that others can identify with, learn from, and get excited about!

Let’s make sweet science together.

Organizations I’ve worked with

  • The Open Notebook
  • BioSpace
  • Parenting Science Gang
  • The University of Arizona Cancer Center

Infographics & Illustrations

Let me communicate complex topics in a bite-sized infographic.

representation of a circular infographic


Ready for an animated GIF or video that explains that research technique or molecular pathway?


Workshops & seminars are great ways to learn as a group. I’m available for in-person or online workshops!