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Destiny isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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Meet the Characters


Mya had ambition once. Without being aware of her role in prophecy, she felt drawn to a position as a priest in the Huleay Temple. However, after experiencing a trauma, she agrees to take on a lesser role as a scribe, which gives her an excuse to hide herself from the world.

Dark-skinned person with black undercut hair wearing a beige shirt


Jaalam was born in Highrealm, but was soon transported to a pocket reality xey calls Darkrealm. Xey is childish and sarcastic but has xyr moments of kindness. However, after years of dealing with the harsh conditions and isolation of Darkrealm, xey destroys xemself.

White man with brown hair wearing a shirt with bright blue embroidery


Etan was raised at sea, and it was there that he trained under a ship’s healer. He immigrated to Ledine as an adult. After witnessing citizens lacking health services in Ar, he — with support from Jarith — led the creation of the Healing Center, where he’s now the lead healer. He’s chipper and kind, and loves his wine.


Mya’s mother, Maliah is an Exalted Grand Priest in the Huleay Temple. As one of the leaders of her people, Maliah holds considerable political power, which she has used to hide the Ascension Four prophecy from her daughter.


Originally from Highrealm, Jarith commands the most powerful magic in Midrealm. Ze has used zir talents to improve the lives of those in Ledine, and specifically the capital city of Ar, with efforts such as a sewer system, enhanced education, and championing the Healing Center. Ze is Mya’s father.


Jua is Mya’s maternal grandfather and was once one of the most powerful priests in Ledine. Unfortunately, after a sickness, he is now mostly bedridden and suffers from dementia.


Meta is Mya’s maternal grandmother. After revealing she had a terminal illness, Jarith used zir power to transport her to Highrealm. However, when she arrived, she found herself cast out of society. This doesn’t stop her from speaking her mind, though.


Pronounced “lord”, Lourdes is one of the oldest beings in Highrealm. They were perfectly happy to leave things to Jukartis until they heard more about the situation from Meta. Lourdes now champions Meta’s — and Midrealm’s — cause, much to Jukartis’s chagrin.


One of the oldest beings in Highrealm, Jukartis is Jarith’s parent and head of the Ascension Project, which uses a prophecy as a cover to leverage the Midrealm Ascension Four prophecy to solve the Highrealmers’ population crisis.

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