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Magicians. Robots. Alternate realities.

Octavian is a graduate student at a top magic university. He dreams of joining the ranks of the Exalted Grand Magicians, but instead, he and his magic-powered robot, Replika, are ensnared in a trap of spine-chilling alternate realities. That shouldn’t be possible, but it’s a feat, they soon realize, also accomplished by Octavian’s research advisor, Teacher.

To get home, they’ll need to learn why they were trapped, unlock the secrets that Teacher left behind, and get past all these freaking stuck doors.

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The Teacher and the Lynchpin

Available for FREE! The exciting prequel to Tales of a Vernian Youth!

Octavian, an undergraduate student in his final year at Belanee State University, can’t wait to meet a real Exalted Grand Magician. But every potential opportunity comes up short, leaving him sure that the best he can do is see the man from afar. So then why does it seem like Exalted Grand Teacher keeps showing up around him?

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Refreshing Characters


Replika may look like a cute human, but she’s actually a cute ultra-sophisticated robot. Her hallmark is her power core, which runs on a self-regenerating supply of magic. She’s strong, great at doing calculations, and loves to make up little songs to hum to herself. Rumor has it that she also loves a good fight.

Replika identifies as androgyne.

Art by Riley Quinn – @rileyquinnart


Octavian is a magician with big ambitions. He wanted to change people’s mindsets and the whole categorization of magical disciplines. Then, his graduate research mentor trapped him and Replika in an alternate reality. Maybe he deserves to be a little grumpy.

Octavian is a transman and identifies as male.

Art by Riley Quinn – @rileyquinnart

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Diversity In Science Fiction & Fantasy

Diversity is ingrained in every facet of Tales of a Vernian Youth. Replika identifies as androgyne, and Octavian is a transman.

As a queer, transgender, neurodivergent person with a disability, I understand how important representation is in stories. Octavian and Replika travel to many different worlds, which creates unique opportunities to meet a wide variety of characters from many species and a range of personal histories.

You’ll also find that many characters use gender-neutral pronouns, so if you’ve been needing some practice, read ToVY aloud!

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