Book 1 of the Manifestations Series

Serial Fiction Ongoing Science Fantasy Romance Humor Generational Story

Destiny isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Maliah and Jarith are destined to work together to fulfill a prophecy promising ascension for all. Unfortunately, it also calls upon Maliah to gain magical abilities she doesn’t want & Jarith to murder Maliah’s mother. Neither of them is thrilled about this whole prophecy thing, especially when one of the most powerful priests alive goes after their lives in order to stop it. The future depends on Maliah & Jarith.

Meet the Characters


Maliah is dedicated to her role as priest to her people, but the thought of prophecy ruling her life troubles her. It doesn’t help that two of the most powerful priests alive are her parents, and she hasn’t shown any magical ability yet.


Jarith is from the non-physical world of Highrealm, where he was created specifically to fulfill zir role in the prophecy. It’s the last hope of zir people, but when the prophecy calls for zir to become a murderer, ze behind to question everything.


Maliah’s mother, Meta, is beautiful, elegant, powerful, and maybe a little addicted to making bets. She’s living her best life as one of the top Exalted Grand Priests within the Huleay Temple. She believes in the prophecy and is willing to give up anything to fulfill it.


Though Maliah’s father, Jua, is incredibly handsome and commands powerful magic just like his wife, he is somewhat shy and reserved. He supports Meta within the Huleay Temple and ensures that she stays in the limelight instead of him.


Amun is the only other living Exalted Grand Priest who commands magic as powerful as Maliah’s parents, yet little is known about zir origins or opinions.

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