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A Prophecy Controls Their Lives,
But Destiny Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be.

A middle eastern woman and a black man stare at the camera solemnly, their hair blowing in the wind. In the background, a desert storm rages.

Book 1

Manifestation of Prophecy

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A middle eastern woman stands in the foreground, and a dark-skinned person and fair-skinned man stand behind her, all solemn. In the background, a desert storm rages.

Book 2

Manifestation of the Dream

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The Worlds of Manifestations


Midrealm is an alternate reality where no one dreams and souls remain trapped in bodies after death. The Manifestations Series focuses on a nation called Ledine. Ledine is run by a spiritual ruling class known as the Huleay Temple, who hold the only magic known to the world.


Highrealm is a technologically advanced alternate reality where beings of pure energy are slowly dying out. Motivated by their impending extinction, the energy beings are searching for a solution. They’ve found it in a Midrealm prophecy known as the Ascension Four prophecy.

The Ascension Four Prophecy

One hundred years prior to the start of the series, a Midrealm prophet known as Exalted Grand Priest Emin spoke a prophecy that would be named the “Ascension Four” prophecy. It foretold of a path to ascension for all Midrealmers through the actions of four generations of a family of priests in the Huleay Temple.

These four generations of priests would command increasingly powerful magic, and the final generation would bring purpose and life after death to all.

Over time, more details have come to light regarding the prophecy, but there’s still much mystery around exactly how this fate will come to be. Exalted Grand Priest Emin died suddenly, unknowingly acting as a catalyst to the events of Manifestation of Prophecy.

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