Manifestation of Prophecy – Manifestations Series 1 (EBOOK) [PREORDER]

Manifestation of Prophecy – Manifestations Series 1 (EBOOK) [PREORDER]



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Embark on a riveting odyssey through parallel realms in “Manifestation of Prophecy,” where prophecy, love, and sacrifice intertwine in an otherworldly dance. In the simple yet mystical Midrealm, Maliah, born into the lineage of powerful priests, grapples with the daunting task of fulfilling the “Ascension Four” prophecy. Her only respite lies in dreams where she glimpses the advanced Highrealm through Jarith, a manufactured energy being yearning for freedom.

As the duo’s destinies converge, unlocking the prophecy demands Maliah to confront latent powers, and a heartbreaking sacrifice—her mother’s life. Meanwhile, a perilous turn of events unfolds when a coveted artifact goes missing, and a relentless priest seeks to thwart the prophecy by any means, even murder. In a race against time, Maliah and Jarith must reconcile their fears and desires, embracing their intertwined destinies to ensure the survival of both realms.

“Manifestation of Prophecy” is a captivating blend of fantasy and science fiction, where the boundaries between dreams and reality blur, and the choices made echo across cosmic dimensions. Join this epic saga of love and cosmic balance—prepare for an ascension like no other. Will they rewrite their fates, or succumb to the inexorable pull of prophecy? Dive into the unknown and find out.


  • Genre: Science Fantasy, Humorous, Romantic, Family Saga
  • Page Count: 328

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