Tales of a Vernian Youth

That feeling when your advisor ruins your life by trapping you (and your robot) in an alternate reality. We’ve all been there, right?

Octavian is a grad student at a top magic university. His research project? Replika, the world’s first magic-powered robot. Activating Replika should be a blast, but instead Octavian’s advisor traps him & Replika in a web of alternate universes. To get back, they must survive one spine-chilling reality after another.

Will Octavian’s magic & Replika’s brainpower be enough to untangle this mess & return home?

Those Without Wings

If you could save the life of a child by descending into darkness, would you risk your own soul?

Adams and his 10 year-old niece, Illeina, are in an accident that takes his life and leaves her in a coma. Although his life is gone, there is still a chance to save hers. But to save her, he will have to enter the forbidden space between the human realm and the realm of the angels, a place called Darkrealm, where creatures called Whispers corrupt souls. Adams is willing to risk his existence, but when his new friend, Casey, insists on joining him, will it be worth it to risk zir life as well?

Those Without Wings is a story of love, sacrifice, and new beginnings. Dive into the immersive world of the angels, a civilization in a universe where once-living individuals live in a place between our world and the world of energy and gods. Discover the secrets of souls, which are tethered to our world through Darkrealm. Keep a strong heart as Adams fights the odds to save the life of his beloved niece.

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