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The Teacher and the Lynchpin

Tales of a Vernian Youth – Prequel

When Teacher, a powerful Exalted Grand Magician, is told that his future lies at the small Belanee State University, he is skeptical, but when he learns that the divination has come from a powerful clairvoyant, he can’t ignore it.

Octavian, an undergraduate student in his final year at Belanee State University, can’t wait to meet a real Exalted Grand Magician. But every potential opportunity comes up short, leaving him sure that the best he can do is see the man from afar. So then why does it seem like Exalted Grand Teacher keeps showing up around him?

This novella is a prequel to Tales of a Vernian Youth, a science fantasy adventure story that’s both harrowing and humorous. Learn how Octavian ended up working in the lab of the man who trapped him in a web of alternate realities. Get insight into Teacher’s life before Octavian joined his research team. Laugh at the expense of those who would try to stop Octavian from taking over the world…or at least excelling in his field of research.

  • Genre: Science Fantasy
  • Page Count: 54

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