The demon kidnapped me then captured my heart. Now I must choose…passion or revenge?

Serial Fiction Completed Paranormal Dark Fantasy Romance

The demon leader of the Levasha Empire killed my father after forcing him to design a magic-protected sanctuary. He then kidnapped and imprisoned me, but the next time we met, his demeanor abruptly changed to that of a kind and caring man. I’ve resolved myself to exact revenge by mastering my people’s magic.

Can I rid the world of the demon? Or will I die a prisoner, unable to deny my feelings for my captor?



Danae is curious, confrontational, and determined. She feels strong ties to her people, the Arash, even though she is torn away from them as a teen. She regularly extends herself beyond her station, which gets her into quite a bit of trouble.


Dovev is an enigma. He appeared one night to kidnap Danae, his eyes glowing red and his voice tearing at her ears. When she awakens, he’s by her side, suddenly kind and gentle with her. Though he is her captor, he holds secrets that could help her escape.

Content Warnings

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