Heartwarming coming-of-age stories of love & found family.

The Skies Are Blue series was conceived and written by Gaius before their gender transition. To differentiate these stories from their other work, they are published under the pen name Gaia Jewel.

These stories are heartwarming and heart-wrenching, as each follows an individual through their own internal and external struggles.

Reading Order

These stories are connected in that they all concern one found family unit. However, each revolves around a different person and their journey.

While reading them in order will provide context on the world and personal history, it isn’t strictly necessary to read them in order.

The stories take place in a world much like our own, with Rachael’s beginning in the 1990s. The main difference it’s that, in this world, an organization called the Peace Coalition has gained an enormous amount of traction, leading to widespread changes in the political and social ecosystem of the United States.

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