by Gaia Jewel

Does Tragedy Have A Silver Lining?

Kristen is growing up during peaceful times. She makes friends at school, longs for the love of her best friend Cameron, and enjoys the spoiled life of a rich, young girl.

But when Amber enters her life, becoming both a love rival and good friend, things don’t seem quite right. Kristen leans on an adult for comfort who seems a bit too interested in her.

This stubborn and spoiled girl has a lot to learn about life…and death.

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Content Notes

Skies Are Blue is a series about employment just as much as it’s a series about trauma. These stories are heartwarming and heart-wrenching, as each follows an individual through their own internal and external struggles.

When I started writing this series over 20 years ago, I was processing my own trauma and wanted explore the different methods people use to process theirs. Since then, the stories have gone through many iterations, and the characters and world have blossomed. I hope you enjoy Rain Does Fall, a story that is very close to my heart.

At least one character in this work uses gender-neutral pronouns. Here is a guide to the usage of these words. You can find this guide in the author’s notes in relevant episodes.

Male | Female | Gender-neutral

He | She | They or Ze or It

Him | Her | Them or Zir or It

His | Hers | Theirs or Zirs or Its


  • He/She/They/Ze/It went to the store.
  • I want to talk to him/her/them/zir/it.
  • This book is his/hers/theirs/zirs/its.

In this book, the following themes are present which may be disturbing to some readers. If any of the following elements are triggering, please ensure you have a support and self-care plan in place before continuing.

If you are concerned about spoilers, you may want to skip reading the list below.

Content warnings:

  • Natural disaster
  • Adult with romantic interest in underage person
  • Stalking
  • Emotional and physical abuse
  • Abandonment
  • Suicide

If you feel this list in missing anything, please contact me.

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