Magician’s Club – November 2023

Happy Samhain, Magician! Pull up a chair and prop those feet up on the table. You can even slip off your shoes if you’d like. Don’t worry. We’ve got air fresheners.

The Grimoire: What’s up in Gaius Town?

October was a busy month for me. I got a lot of writing done, but on a more exciting note, the weather started to cool down. October is when things really start to come alive in southern Arizona because the desert weather becomes beautiful. One event that I found exceptionally fun was the Glowing Pumpkins walkthrough.

There were hundreds of pumpkins carved into elaborate designs, and many of the carvings took up 10+ pumpkins!

If you’re viewing this via email, click the image below to see more pictures from the event.

But this wasn’t the only event I got out to. I also attended a few local concerts, all of which were surprisingly spectacular. For example, at a local collective’s Halloween bash, a fusion band played some really fun music.

Additionally, I attended a few open mic nights organized at a local art co-op. The performances were spectacular, and I feel so lucky to live in such a vibrant and artistic city.

What I’m working on daily?

Tales of a Vernian Youth, Tale 3 (EDITING): Editing Tales of a Vernian Youth, Tale 3, has been more intense than I anticipated. Sections of text have been completely flip-flopped, and much of the text has needed to be reworked. I’m currently 75% done editing.

Tales of a Vernian Youth, Tale 5 (WRITING): This is my focus for November. I’m a little over 60% done with writing this tale. I don’t anticipate any major changes after the first draft is done, but I will have my developmental editor go through it before I start updating. Updates will start once I’ve reworked any items she brings up in her review. However, we went through the outline pretty thoroughly before I started writing, so hopefully the changes won’t be massive.

Manifestation of Prophecy (WRITING): I’m over 90% done with ManiProphy! So close, I can almost taste it. This is a reimaging of a series of stories I wrote back in the early 2000s. I must admit, I’m really in love with how this story has turned out. I don’t know what I was expecting, but there have been tears involved in the writing of this baby.

Life Updates

I’ve started a new medicine that we hope will ease the nerve pain I experience over my whole body. Unfortunately, it can take 1-2 months to see results. So, we’ll see what happens.

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The Crystal Ball: Recent Releases

Here’s what I released for you since the last Magician’s Club update! 

✨ Tales of a Vernian Youth ✨

  • (4.31) A Bittersweet Goodbye
  • (4.32) A Purpose And A Way Home (End of Tale 4 & Volume 1)

🛸 A Little Bit of Chaos Theory 🛸

  • Episode 30: Yodbin knows some stuff, and Xicmeak returns something he found way back in episode 5

☄️Manifestation of Prophecy ☄️

  • Episodes 55-69 are available now!


Here are some things I’m currently enjoying.

READING: Under the Whispering Door by TJ Klune

TV: Miraculous

SERIAL STORY: Sigils and Sushi by Nia Quinn

Thanks for being here and eating your fair share of the snacks.

Love & Light,


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