Magician’s Club – January 2024

Are you interested in being a beta reader for my quirky romantic fantasy, Manifestation of Prophecy? If so, click here. More info below.

Welcome back, Magician ! It’s great to see you!

The 2023 year was a whirlwind, which I’ll talk more about in a minute, but first — are you interested in being a beta reader?

Beta readers get access to a story that’s in its later stages. It’s gone through rounds of editing, but needs the eyes of a reader to get your feedback on the story.

The story in question is Manifestation of Prophecy, the first story in my quirky romantic fantasy series, the Manifestations Series.

I’ll let you read the blurb below, but if you’re interested in providing feedback as a beta reader, click here!

Though they come from two vastly different realms, Maliah and Jarith are tied together by a prophecy that promises ascension after death. However, fate has a mischievous sense of humor, as Maliah must reluctantly embrace magical abilities she never asked for, while Jarith is burdened with an unthinkable task: murdering Maliah’s mother.

Neither Maliah nor Jarith are excited to fulfill this prophecy. To make matters worse, a formidable magician threatens their very existence, determined to halt the prophecy in its tracks. The weight of the world rests upon their shoulders, but is the future truly set in stone?

Embark on a captivating journey with Jarith and Maliah, where the tapestry of prophecy weaves through realms of desire and the whimsical dance of destiny. Can they defy the stars and discover love amid the chaos? In this quirky fantasy, the path set by destiny proves to be anything but straightforward.

2023 Recap

As you can see below, I had an incredible 2023 as an author!

  • Wrote over 150,000 words
  • Set up my online shop to sell ebooks
  • Finished Tales 4 & 5 of Tales of a Vernian Youth
  • Finalized ebooks for Tales 1-3 of Tales of a Vernian Youth
  • Finished writing Manifestation of Prophecy
  • Completed first 10,000 words of book 2 in the Manifestations Series
  • Started the Magician’s Club HQ, where readers can get early access to all of my work

Quick Announcement

Tales of a Vernian Youth, Tale 5: The Essence and the Boundless Magic begins updates January 11th! You can read it on Kindle Vella, Laterpress, or the Magician’s Club HQ!

Learn more at

2024 Plans

I have so much I want to complete for 2024, but here are my goals. I’ve tried to keep them reasonable.

  • Query agents for Manifestation of Prophecy (ManiProphy)
  • Prepare ManiProphy for ebook & print (to self-publish if no agents pick it up)
  • Query agents for Tales of a Vernian Youth (ToVY), Volume 1.
  • Prepare ToVY V1 for ebook & print (to self-publish if no agents pick it up). Either way, ebooks of Tales 1-3 are available in my online shop and Tale 4 is coming soon.
  • Finish writing Tales 6 & 7 of ToVY.
  • Finish writing Manifestations book 2.
  • Publish Those Without Wings to ebook & print.
  • Publish Devil’s Sanctuary to ebook & print.

I have a few other story ideas I hope I can fit into 2024, but as you can see, my plate is overflowing.

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Join us at the Magician’s Club HQ! It’s free to join as a follower, or get access to all my stories for as little as $3/mo.

Crystal Ball: Recent Releases

Here’s what I released for you since the last Magician’s Club update!

☄️Manifestation of Prophecy ☄️

  • 9 NEW episodes (78-86) are available now! This completes ManiProphy!


Here are some things I’m currently enjoying.

READING: Heatwave by TJ Klune

VIDEO GAME: Katamari Damacy Reroll on Nintendo Switch

Thanks for being here!

Love & Light,

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