My Writing Platforms

My serial fiction can be found on two main platforms. Here you’ll find more information about each platform and how I use them. This is meant to give some amount of transparency as to why I’m on the platforms that I’m on.

As a reminder, I’m an indie author, meaning that you (the reader) are the key to my success. I appreciate your willingness to invest in that success so that I can continue sharing stories about diverse and colorful worlds with you.

Kindle Vella

As may be obvious by the name, Kindle Vella is a platform by Amazon.

Availability: Kindle Vella is currently still in beta and only available in the US. You can access it in your browser, through the Kindle app on your mobile phone, and on some Kindle devices.

How it works: The first 3 episodes of each series is free to read. Episodes are purchased with tokens, which can be purchased in batches from 200-1700 tokens at the time of writing.

Benefits: You can read right inside the Amazon Kindle app!


Laterpress is a platform for indie authors to publish directly to readers. It’s a very new platform, but allows me to get my serial fiction out into the world beyond the US.

Availability: My work is available globally through the browser. Links are through my domain so you’ll have a seamless experience powered by Laterpress.

How it works: The first 3 episodes of each book are free. After that, you have a few options. You can buy episodes in batches (the number of episodes Ina batch is different per series), or you can subscribe to read all my work as soon as it goes live for one yearly subscription price!

Benefits: A platform made by and for authors! Get access to my work as soon as possible! Pay one fee and read all my work!