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There’s no place quite like home.

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The computer marble

Brilliant technology in a tiny package that can easily roll away.

The marble was introduced by the technology company MaGeek to much acclaim. At the time of release, over 2 million marbles were on preorder, with several million more sold on release day.

One of its most remarkable features brought photography into a whole new era. The device could scan the nearby environment and produce a 3D hologram replicating it. This feature was incredibly popular and soon after, cat memes also entered a whole new era.

In the weeks after release, a bug involving the type and intensity of light emitted by the marble was reported in about 5% of users. This bug resulted in the blinding of 50 individuals. The devices were recalled and users were given a credit to replace their device, which maybe shouldn’t have placated their concerns but certainly did.

Six months later, a new device was released, costing almost double what the first device did and selling almost twice as many.

Don’t risk FOMO

The International Council of Exalted Magicians

Evidence of the brilliance of humankind

Magic has been part of humanity since the dawn of time. And while many seek to harness its power, the ICEM is dedicated to understanding it. Through research and unyielding secrecy, the progress that civilization enjoys today is all thanks to this glorious organization.

An eternal commitment to excellence

Members of the ICEM are nominated upon the death of any member. Typically, before their demise, an Exalted Grand Magician will announce their choice of successor. It’s not known exactly how the selection process works, but we do know that it is not up to a simple vote.

See the secrets of magic.

National University of Magic

The highest caliber training for the highest caliber magicians.

A university with prestige and connections

Respect & Tradition

NUM is one of the world’s top research universities, covering all 8 subdisciplines within both disciplines of magic. Founded by a member of the International Council of Exalted Magicians, more magicians have graduated from NUM than any other university in the world. Which isn’t to say that they are great magicians, but at least they’ve finished their coursework (or paid someone to do it for them).

Two current NUM professors are ICEM members.

Exalted Grand Mboya is well-known for zir mentorship, and does a yearly world tour to meet students in the feminine discipline. Ze is available to speak at events, and 5% of the proceeds go towards local charities which support magic education for impoverished youth. The other 95% goes straight into zir pocket.

The other Exalted Grand, known as Teacher, is far more mysterious. Though his advancements in medicine have had a lasting impact on patients around the world, little is known about him. Those who have worked with him in the past are wary of discussing him, which could be because they don’t want to distract from their achievements, they are respectful of his privacy, or they have nothing nice to say. Or perhaps a bit of all of these.

Masculine Discipline

The masculine discipline recruits students with laser focus on their goals. These students tend to minor in a track within their subdiscipline that is closely related to their primary major. They also tend to be quite prideful of their subdiscipline, though always completely respectful of students in the feminine discipline.

This discipline is made up of the following 4 subdisciplines:

  • Offense
  • Protection & Healing
  • Life Sciences
  • Creative Arts

Feminine Discipline

Most students in the feminine discipline choose to double major within their discipline both because interests often overlap and because it looks good on their resumes. Though they argue amongst themselves about which subdiscipline is the most impactful, they all recognize that E&T is the most profitable.

This discipline is made up of the following 4 subdisciplines:

  • Traps
  • Engineering & Technology
  • History
  • Philosophy

Choosing a Discipline

It is recommended to choose a discipline as early as possible. Many modern high schools are beginning to institute hybrid models where students can begin college level study at a nearby or online magic university.

Because of this, competition for spots at magic universities has risen dramatically, leading to lower acceptance rates and higher instances of heartbreak.

In order to combat the issue and avoid litigation, admissions offices now provide free mental health services to applicants who have been denied, as well as community coursework to assist potential students with their applications.

This doesn’t raise the acceptance rates, but it does make applicants feel like their chances are better.

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