A Little Bit of Chaos Theory (ongoing)

A Little Bit of Chaos Theory (ongoing)

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Strap in for a space odyssey filled with cosmic comedy and absolute chaos!

Picture this: a motley crew of aliens on a wild goose chase for a mysterious whatchamacallit, thrown together by a sentient but forgetful spaceship. And get this, this spaceship is part of a race thought to be extinct! Talk about a cosmic rarity! They join forces to pursue an enigmatic treasure that could revive the entire fleet, although no one seems to know what this prize is. Of course, our explorers aren’t the only ones vying for this elusive bauble. Two colossal corporations are hot on their heels, determined to beat them to the secret finish line in who-knows-where. Brace yourself for a wild expedition to the least sought after corners of the galaxy.

So buckle up, and prepare yourself for an interstellar voyage full of mind-bending absurdities that will leave you in stitches!

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