Magician’s Club – June 2023

The Grimoire: What’s up in Gaius Town?

Hi, Magician !

I was looking at my newsletter platform the other day, and I realized that I started my author newsletter over a year ago, in May 2022.

Prior to that, I was an author with several stories under my belt, but none published. Why? Because they weren’t “good enough” or “perfect enough.” Because I worried that “no one would enjoy them.”

Then I made a decision to put a silly little story out on the internet, and people started telling me they liked it, it made them laugh, and they were looking forward to reading more.

Today, I technically have 7 stories out in the world (2 under my pen name Gaia Jewel), 3 of which are complete. I’m releasing regular episodes of the remaining 4 regularly, with one updating every week and another updating twice a week.

More importantly, I have you reading my newsletter. I can’t express how much that means to me. Thank you for being here.

Back at HQ

All my stories are continuing to update at the Magician’s Club HQ, where you can read all my work (plus bonus content).

Last month, not only did members get 4 episodes of ToVY, 2 episodes of ALBoCT, and 8 episodes of ManiProphy, but I also started posting some extras for Tales of a Vernian Youth. Currently, I’m focused on extra information about the worlds and characters, but I’d love to know what you want to see!

Read everything + get other benefits at the Magician’s Club Headquarters!

What I’m working on daily?

The Tales of a Vernian Youth Tale 5 outline is complete, so I’ve begun working on the first draft! I’m very excited about this one because it’s fun and fantastical. I’ll leave it at that before I spoil it for everyone.

I’m still pushing out Manifestation of Prophecy, too! As of today, I’m about 65% through my outline for this story. It is coming through extremely clearly, which makes it easier to write. This is thanks to a ton of hard work at the outline stage. Though I did go off-script for a bit, I’m back on track. I believe the story is better for it, and still think the work I did on the outline has given me the freedom to assess the story on a higher level while writing.

I really think that ManiProphy is one of my best drafts, and it’s definitely been one of the easiest things I’ve written in a very long time, as far as how quickly I can get it written down.

Life Updates

As I sit here today, I’m so thankful to be able to write my stories and share them with you. It’s truly a dream to know that there are people who enjoy my creative work.

But my pain condition continues to worsen, which is frustrating. A 20-minute drive now leaves me in enough pain to make it difficult to walk. A 3 hour writing session on my phone leaves my arms, wrists, and hands burning.

Enough of that talk, though. Let’s talk about Lost. He’s been pushing his schedule recently. He likes to stick to a very strict schedule, and I’m not a very schedule-driven person. Even so, instead of coming to me at 5pm to say it’s time to finish work, now he’s started coming at 3:30. 🤣 I still let him cuddle with me throughout the day, either on my lap or on my desk, and sometimes he gets a bit entitled.

He’s a sweet, good boy, though. So I try to praise him for his good communication. ♥

The Crystal Ball: Recent Releases

Here’s what I released for you since the last Magician’s Club update! 

Tales of a Vernian Youth

  • (4.14) The End Of The Organics
  • (4.15) Chrysanthemum
  • (4.16) Meptor and the Muscrite
  • (4.17) Returning the Reality Tuner

🛸 A Little Bit of Chaos Theory 🛸

  • Episode 26: A Meal Aboard the Wedmyan is an Experience and a Good Place to Make Plans and Share Secrets
  • Episode 27: Intlola’s Motivation for Adventure and a Rare Complimentary Meal Aboard the Paladrian

☄️ Manifestation of Prophecy ☄️

  • Episodes 23-30 are available now!

🌧️ Skies Are Blue: Rain Does Fall by Gaia Jewel 🌧️
(Not available on the HQ)

  • Episode 21: The end of a long day
  • Episode 22: Dinner and dates
  • Episode 23: The missing purple
  • Episode 24: A date with Brian (Part 1)
  • Episode 25: A date with Brian (Part 2)


Here are some things I’m currently enjoying.

READING: The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch

TV: Shadow & Bone Season 2

GAMING: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Love & Light,


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