Started -7.5 years ago

Octavian’s Undergraduate

– Physical Magic;
– Traps 101;
– Lisa Turnhall Memorial Scholarship

-5 years ago

Octavian’s obligatory year of public service

-3 years ago

Octavian is recruited to NUM by Teacher

-2.5 years ago

Octavian visits the Field Stone on his way to NUM

Day 0

ToVY start

Octavian is going to meet academic advisor.

NEW INFORMATION: We are in a world of magic.

NEW GROUP: International Council of Exalted Magicians.

NEW LOCATIONS: ICEM obelisk. National University of Magic (NUM). NUM administration building. Stone Plaza.

NEW ITEMS: Levitating backpack/bag that follows Octavian. Noctralite: a luminescent gemstone.

ASIDES: Feminine & masculine is a misnomer (Grand Magician Ostara Patel & Grand Chioma Obiakaraije)

Day 0

Octavian Meets with Kastra

He has met with his academic advisor before. Kastra is appalled that Octavian hasn’t chosen a discipline yet and refuses to advise until he figures it out. On his way out of the building, Teacher messages to tell Octavian that he’s late.

NEW INFORMATION: Octavian double-majored in undergrad in one feminine and one masculine discipline major (Life Science Magic & Magical Engineering). This is frowned upon. Kastra refuses to advise.

NEW ITEMS: Marble computers (Octavian calls his “Notebook”). Magic message on Kastra’s door when locked.

COMPUTER FUNCTIONS: Notebook – send/receive messages.

NEW CONCEPTS: Masculine & feminine discipline mutual exclusivity.

Day 0

Octavian & Teacher Finish Their Work on Replika

Octavian enters Biomedical Sciences Lab building through side entrance, has old magic scanner and sticky door. Teacher meets him, upset that he’s late and says he shouldn’t bother with Kastra. Octavian notes an old computer in the lab cabinets. They work on Replika. At dinner, Teacher opens up about the actuality of alternate realities and says that he believes that Octavian will become a brilliant magician. They continue working until close to sunrise. They get ready to activate Replika. Teacher has the computer, activates it. The world transforms.

NEW INFORMATION: ICEM does not support the existence of alternate realities. A colleague of Teacher’s completed the magical proof of traveling to alternate realities but then disappeared. Replika is a lifelike robot with a self-renewing energy core powered by magic.

NEW ITEMS: Replika.

COMPUTER FUNCTIONS: Notebook – read notes; keep lab notebook.

NEW CONCEPTS: Alternate realities. Magic autorenewing power core.

Start Day 1

Enter the ToVYverse

As they activate Replika, Teacher activates a device (computer suspiciously similar to Reality Tuner).

Day 1

Steampunk World – Escape Lab

Replika wakes up. They find they are trapped in room. Replika doesn’t know she’s a robot. They find Pressure Point which, when triggered, sets off a Rube Goldberg device that opens the door. Outside door, they explore complex a little, finding a (steam) power generator room and a bedroom off the atrium. Outside is covered in fog. They find a steam-powered longboat, motor at the back, steering and start mechanism at the front. It’s mechanism is binary and they almost die when it is turned on. Octavian touches time magic but can’t recall it. They see a pirate ship as they come to shore, and it seems someone is watching them from it.

NEW CONCEPTS: Pressure Point; Magic fire that is not hot but used for lighting; Gravity Mesh to move objects (unlocks door); Time magic (impossible, but not?)

Day 1

Dock on shore of Chronoford

Day 1

Purchase food/supplies at market

Day 1

Meet Mr. Pennybottom

Day 1

Fix Funicular

Day 1

Get Unlimited Ride pass

Day 1

Go to Third Flat antique shop

Day 1

Replika steals computer

We don’t find this out until later.

Day 1

Pirates attack

Day 1

Replika finds out she’s a robot

Day 1

Octavian and Replika come face to face with Captain Egnaro

Day 1

Octavian makes a deal with Egnaro

Day 1

Emerge in Color People World – On a Rock in the Ocean

Day 1

Kidnapped by Color People

Day 1

Steal Reality Tuner back from Color People

End Day 1

Emerge in Material World

Day 2

Octavian ponders things

Day 2

Replika presents her found materials

Day 2

Replika gathers more material – sees storm fire

Day 2

Trusting Teacher & magic anchors avert the storm

Day 2

Create EnviroJar & craft plan to use RT

Day 2

Emerge in the Progeny’s World

End Day 2

Replika and Octavian are detained

Detainment lasts for “many hours”, and its inferred that it doesn’t end until the following evening.

Day 3

Replika retrieves Octavian from detainment


Day 4

Meet the Leadership Committee for 1st time

Next morning.

Day 5

An explosion and fire erupts

Reya dies but not before securing the organic clone

Day 6

Meet the Leadership Committee again

They come to an agreement for Octavian to help with what Teacher left behind.

Day 6

Tour of Independence Project

Day 6

Replika and Yestary talk (and later Octavian joins)

Day 7

Replika meets Meptor