Silent People’s World

The eerie kind of quiet, not the polite kind of quiet.

Octavian and Replika are captured and held prisoner. Without the Reality Tuner, can they make their escape? Or will Octavian just sleep through the whole ordeal?

This world holds many secrets.

Black Mirrorite

Large black pillars of dramatically reflective black rock jut out from the ocean floor.

What is this material? How did the pillars form? Are they natural?

One of them has a shallow cave carved into it. Who would create such a thing?

Silent Villagers

The inhabitants of the coast seem extremely well-adapted to their environment and have a broad diversity in their physiology.

Some have webbed feet and hands. Others have a skin texture similar to that of a tree.

But all are completely silent, as if they don’t even make contact with the ground.

Is this magic?

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