Magician’s Club – April 2023

Grimoire: What’s up in Gaius town?

Hi, Magician!

Ready for an exciting new adventure?

That’s right. I have a new story being released twice weekly.

Manifestation of Prophecy

fantasy ⭐ romance ⭐ magic

A prophecy calls upon Maliah to gain magical abilities she doesn’t want & Jarith to murder Maliah’s mother. The future depends on them, but making the right choice isn’t easy – even when prophecy tells you what to do.

What do you think? Are you excited to check it out? I hope you will, and if you do, I hope you love it as much as I do. 

It’s a reimagining of a series of short stories I wrote about 20 years ago. I spent 6 months on my own, then I worked with a developmental editor to iron out the story details to turn it into a work of art.

What I’m working on daily?

I’m still in the process of planning out the next story arc of Tales of a Vernian Youth, and if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that careful planning now will save me a ton of rewriting later. I’m planning for the next story arc to be 4 “Tales” long and I already know where and how it will end because it was supposed to happen next. That’s okay, though! I love how the first four Tales have turned out.

As for writing, I’m focusing a lot of attention on my new story. That’s obvious, though, right?

I’m taking regular breaks from that to hammer out new episodes of A Little Bit of Chaos Theory every couple of weeks, too.

There’s so much to look forward to, and it’s only possible with your support! So thank you for being here and making a difference in my life.

The Crystal Ball: Recent Releases

Here’s what I released for you since the last Magician’s Club update! 

✨ Tales of a Vernian Youth ✨

  • (4.4) The Field Stone
  • (4.5) Dragging Chairs and Controlling Laughter
  • (4.6) The History of the Progeny
  • (4.7) Passing Through Walls

🛸 A Little Bit of Chaos Theory 🛸

  • Episode 23: Guegkwa survived, the Ferinian ship’s operating system, and Crus’s new normal, bless her soul
  • Episode 24: Auditor Mot boards the Paladrian and has a conversation with someone we’ll probably never see again

☄️Manifestation of Prophecy – NEW! ☄️

  • Episodes 1-12 are available now!

💗 Skies Are Blue: Rain Does Fall 💗

  • Episode 18: Shadowing Dad (Part 3)
  • Episode 19: Shadowing Dad (Part 4)
  • Episode 20: Shadowing Dad (Part 5)


Here are some things I’m currently enjoying.

READING: For Better Or Cursed by Kate M. Williams

GAMING: Breath of the Wild

KINDLE VELLA STORY: Wizard’s Kin by Robert Greyson

Love & Light


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