Magician’s Club – January/February 2023

Hi, Magician . I’m still a bit shocked that we’re in 2023. I’ve been enjoying the cool weather and hot chocolate. Before I tell you all about my plans for this year, let’s take a peek at 2022!

Most common words of ToVY

Last year, I published 47 episodes of Tales of a Vernian Youth.

Clearly, Replika and Octavian played a huge role in the story, which is a huge relief since they’re the main characters. The word cloud also features “Teacher”, “magic”, “one”, and “said”.Perhaps what speaks the most to me is the word “back”. Back home? Back button? Broken back? Why did I use that word so much?!

I published 18 episodes of A Little Bit of Chaos Theory in 2022.

Somehow, Xicmeak and Sandragon took center stage in this word cloud, as did “ship”, which I’m going to assume is mostly because of the living Ferinian ship that is currently in hiding in the swamp of a backwater planet at the edge of the galaxy.We see that “back” is….back. Maybe this is an overused word that I need to review. But we also see that “one” stands out in this word cloud. 

Most common words of ALBoCT

I have quite a bit planned for 2023. 

  • My novella, Devil’s Sanctuary, will be going to ebook/print. 
  • Tale 4 of Tales of a Vernian Youth will kick off, which is the last one before the story goes to ebook/print. 
  • A previously published novella, Those Without Wings, will be going back into print.
  • Getting further into the action of A Little Bit of Chaos Theory.
  • A new serial story is coming about a couple connected by prophecy! It’s going to have some snark and humor, but will be a bit more subdued than ToVY and ALBoCT.

That’s a lot, and it’s all possible because of your support!

What am I working on daily?

Tale 4 of Tales of a Vernian Youth is my main project right now. I was in the middle of what was supposed to be final edits when I decided to take it in a slightly different direction, so I’m back to the re-writing stage. All of Tale 4 takes place in one alternate reality that I really enjoy writing in. We meet some very interesting characters while also allowing Replika and Octavian to have some bonding time where their lives aren’t in immediate danger.I’m really looking forward to sharing this with you because it will mark the end of book 1. You’ll get the answers to some questions and see our heroes relationship grow. This also means I’ll be able to publish to ebook and print this year (hopefully).

The Crystal Ball: Recent Releases

Don’t miss out on the 3 episodes that I published since the last newsletter went out.

  • Sandragon packs a secret, Castri goes wherever he wants, and Auditor Mot gets dressed for dystopia
  • Crashes aren’t funny even if underwear is involved and a beautiful side plot is developing
  • Crus questions her choices, Sandragon and Castri chill, and Boty and Yodbin do a banter

Rain Does Fall has 5 new episodes!

  • An arranged marriage
  • An atypical Peace Coalition meeting
  • A date’s a date
  • Regular dates with Cameron
  • An Interesting Idea

Today’s Magician Training

I’m currently reading Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch. Well, listening, since I mostly listen to audiobooks nowadays.What are you currently reading? Ebook, print, or audiobook?

Often, a new year brings with it the hopes of making change. To support you in your New Year’s resolution triumph, we’ve hung spell papers around the clubroom. Feel free to take them down and perform a ritual of your choice using the clubroom altar. Just be careful with your fire. We don’t want a repeat of last year….or the year before that….

Love & Light,

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