A bunch of randos on a living spaceship embark on a weird adventure.

A living spaceship and a mission so secret, the ship doesn’t even remember what it is. Join a (non-musical) band of explorers as they travel to the least sought after corners of the galaxy in search of something in particular. No one is sure what that something is, but they know that it will save the race of living Ferinian spaceships (which are supposed to be extinct, but let’s not judge). Oh, and there’s also a scandal from a corporation whose brand is using underwear jokes, so there’s that.

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Intlola is a stowaway aboard the Stargazer, a military spaceship turned laundry delivery & passenger ship. Intlola hates long trips, especially surrounded by dirty underwear, but this one is worth it!


Sandragon is an archaeologist turned lever-pusher-and-puller. She’s content with her simple life. That is, until she finds out about the existence of perhaps the last of a race of living spaceships.


Castri is a Whisper, a supernatural being with the power to influence mortals. So what is he doing hanging around Sandragon like they’re besties?

Ferinian Ship

The last of a race of living spaceships thought to be extinct, this ship is currently hiding out in a swamp at the edge of the galaxy. But what is it hiding from and why can’t it remember?


The first officer of the starship Stargazer, Xicmeak is tired of working on a military vessel that’s acting as a cruise ship and laundry delivery service. He’s looking for a new adventure, but is he ready to go on one with his ex?

Guegkwa the Frog

They say every frog will have his day. That’s something they say, right? Well this frog’s day has come, but I have no idea what that means!


Crus is finally out on her own living her dream of being a spaceship captain taking passengers on exciting excursions. But her latest patron seems to have more than a vacation in mind.

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