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Magicians. Robots. Alternate realities.

A sci-fi fantasy serial story following the adventures of a magician and a robot trapped in a web of alternate realities.
Featuring LGBTQ characters, an irreverent tone, and plenty of peril.
Updates every Thursday just for you.

The story so far




The Afternoon Tea Massacre

Some disagreements are worth killing for.

What is it? Did people die? Milk or tea? Get answers to at least one of these questions in this exclusive new short story.

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A reality for every home, but none are actually home.

TFW your advisor ruins your life and traps you in an alternate universe. We’ve all been there, am I right?

Octavian is a grad student at a top magic university. His research project? Replika, the world’s first magic-powered robot. Activating Replika should be a blast, but instead Octavian’s advisor traps him & Replika in a web of alternate universes. To get back, they must survive one spine-chilling reality after another.

Will Octavian’s magic & Replika’s brainpower be enough to untangle this mess & return home?

Updates Thursdays on Kindle Vella.

Updates Thursdays

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