My Services

My specialty is creating & educating to engage your audience

Visual communication is the best way to quickly and effectively capture your audience. I create beautiful visuals and offer training opportunities that help you tell your story.

Infographics & Illustrations

Let me communicate your complex topic in a bite-sized infographic.  I design my works in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  Graphs for scientific figures are created in R, typically with ggplot2.  See more examples.


Ready for an animated GIF or video that explains that research technique or molecular pathway?  I animate in Adobe After Effects and Character Animator.  See more examples.


One-on-one tutoring: I would love to work with you to improve your science communication skills. See more information in my hiring guidelines.

Workshops: My workshops are designed to be interactive.  With less lecturing and more exercises, activities, and conversations, we’ll build skills and relationships.  Contact me for more info.

  • From Science To Infographic: Learn how to simplify your science and create your own infographic.
  • Visual design for scientific posters: Improve your scientific posters with a visual design that focuses on getting your research across more effectively.
  • Simplify your science: Reduce jargon and increase interest with this workshop, which focuses on tailoring your message to a general audience.
  • Interpreting data for young scientists: A great course for undergraduate or first-year graduate students. This course teaches a visual method of reading scientific literature, interpreting the data, and critically thinking about results.
  • Create your own. Is there a topic that you’d love to hear more about?  Contact me and let’s talk!


  • Science
    • Succeeding in graduate school as a queer person
    • Integrative science careers
  • Diversity
    • Gender and sexual minority competency training
    • Being transgender in college
  • Create your own.  Is there a topic that you’d love to hear more about? Contact me and let’s talk!