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I look forward to working with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at gaius @ gaiusjaugustus . com.

I will send you a scheduling link as soon as I receive the payment for the first session.

Terms and Conditions

This invoice is based on estimated time of tutoring. Invoice will be updated after each tutoring session to reflect agreed upon number of sessions. Based on the consultation, this invoice includes five (5) 60-minute tutoring sessions.

Tutoring session fees are not refundable unless specified below.

The first tutoring session is $40, which is due before scheduling can begin.

Additional tutoring sessions are $30 per 60-minute session for up to 5 sessions. These additional tutoring sessions can be scheduled at the prior session, but must be paid 24 hours in advance of the session.

If a session goes over the allotted time, an additional fee is charged per 10 minutes at the rate of $60.00 per hour ($10 per 10 minutes).

After 5 sessions, we will renegotiate pricing and update this invoice to reflect our agreed upon rate. (An example of why we might need to do this would be if you want to change the length of the session time)

If a tutoring session is canceled by you 48 hours or more in advance of appointment, rescheduling of the consultation will be free. If tutoring session is rescheduled by you within 48 hours of an appointment, an additional fee equal to one hour of additional time ($60) is due at time of booking the rescheduled consulting visit.

If you fail to show up to a tutoring session without contacting me beforehand (no call no show), I reserve the right to discontinue tutoring and you will not receive a refund for the missed tutoring session.

In the rare event that I must reschedule a consultation visit, you will incur no rescheduling fee. If in the case of an extreme emergency where I must cancel a consultation without rescheduling, I will refund the full amount paid up front for any service not yet delivered.

Payment of this invoice indicates your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at gaius @ gaiusjaugustus . com.



Here are notes from our consultation. It was great talking to you, and I look forward to working with you.

Contact me at any time via Twitter or email (gaius @ gaiusjaugustus . com)

Process Outline:
1. I’ll send you contract & invoice
2. You’ll pay down payment ($350)
3. You’ll send me any necessary documents to fill in what I need to know (specific aims page, graphical abstract attempt, anything else you think will help)
4. I’ll send you sketches or prototype idea(s)
5. Once I have your okay, I’ll move ahead to creating the piece.
6. I’ll send you a semi-final piece and get any input on changes that need to be made
7. After final revisions, I’ll send you a link to download the final + a license key (Gumroad)
8. Final payment ($100) due within 24 hours of downloading the final piece.

Project details:
– Graphical abstract of the process for your research project
– We will plan for the graphical abstract to be 1/6th of a page. We will revisit this upon the first sketch.
– Absolutely latest delivery date is xx/xx/xxxx

Terms and Conditions

You/Your = Client’s Name
I/Me/My = Gaius Augustus

1) Cost of services

By accepting this project & paying the downpayment, you agree to pay in full the cost of these services as described in the invoice.

Because this is an expedited project, a deposit of $350 is required for before work can begin. The remaining amount ($100) is expected within 48 hours of delivery of the final product.

Any failure on your part to pay fees related to this project gives me the right to refuse future projects and this project will be considered complete. All completed payments will be forfeited as payment for work in progress.

2) Process

As part of this service, I will make all reasonable revisions necessary. Unreasonable revisions will be charged at a rate of $50 per hour. I reserve the right to define what an “unreasonable revision” is or to waive this hourly fee.

Before I can get started, you must (1) pay the downpayment, and (2) send me the following:
– your specific aims page
– the graphical abstract attempt
– any other documents/images that will help me complete the work

For timely delivery, please respond to all communications within 1 business day. If you fail to respond within 3 business days, I reserve the right to mark the project as complete and the deposit will be forfeited as payment for work in progress. Additionally, any work beyond the down payment will be expected. This balance will be determined at my discretion. Exceptions to this policy are made at my discretion.

You can expect to be updated regularly on my progress. All work in progress graphics will be delivered at low resolution, but the final product will meet all specifications in this agreement.

3) Delivery of services

I retain the rights to use any assets I create for my portfolio and other projects and the rights to share this work as part of my portfolio.

I grant non-exclusive rights to you to use the product in your grant application, in other lab communications, and for other lab business ONLY IF distribution does not result in profit for your person. If you would like to sell items with the product, please contact me to negotiate terms. No derivative works to the product are allowed.

Attribution will be added to the bottom of the graphical abstract and will be kept as unintrusive as possible. Attribution will read “Illustration by Gaius J. Augustus, PhD”.

Final delivery of the product(s) will be made on or before Month Day, Year. Any potential delays to this timeline will be communicated in a timely manner. Please note that a failure to give me documentation necessary or respond to communications will delay the timeline, and I am not responsible for any delays due to events outside of my control.

3) Refunds

I do not offer refunds unless otherwise specified in these terms.

4) Delays & Cancellations

At any point in the process, you have the right to contact me about my progress on the project. If you decide to cancel the project, you forfeit the down payment + any additional work beyond (the amount of which is at my discretion, but typically is a rate of $50/hr).

If you decide to put the project on hold, I expect the full payment by the due date. Once payment is made, we can schedule a new due date based on your needs.

In the unlikely event that I need to put the project on hold or cancel a project, I will do my best to connect you with another artist to complete the work. I cannot offer a full refund, but may refund you based on how much of the work has been completed.