SCIArt Livestream 1

You’ve heard of podcasts, right? Imagine a podcast dedicated to science & art, but where artists also come together to draw, paint, or otherwise create! That’s what the SCIArt Livestream is all about!

SCIArt stands for “Some people Creating Interesting Art“, and Jenn and I would love to have you join us!

You can participate in a few ways:

Get notified of upcoming chats!

There are several ways to be notified of upcoming chats.
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Where can I watch?

We stream to multiple channels. If you’d like us to add a channel, feel free to drop me a line and let me know.

Currently, we stream to the following locations (replays are also available):

Additionally, when we’re live, you can come back to this page. The stream should be online below. (Fingers crossed)

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What do we talk about?

We talk about a wide range of topics on the livestream, and are totally open to your suggestions. Subjects can cover art, science, or a mix of the two. We’ve also been considering doing some drawing challenges, so bring it on if you’ve got one!

Past topics have covered:

  • What is SciArt?
  • What does the future of academia look like?
  • Computer programs for art

When are the SciArt livestreams?

We typically once a month, on a Saturday at 2 or 3pm Pacific Time, but because we stream with artists all over the world, days and times change.

Below is a list of upcoming streams! I’ll do my best to keep the following schedule updated:

(Pacific Time)
December 14, 20192pm Beata Edyta MierzwaUsing metaphors to simplify complex topics

Want to watch past SciArt livestreams?

You can definitely watch past streams. Below you’ll find a list of topics, guests, and streams we’ve done so far.

DateGuestTopicPeriscope/YouTube Links
Nov 9, 2019NoneSciArt & ChillP / YT
Oct 12, 2019None45-minute #Inktober Challenge! Prompt: Dragons P / YT
Sep 21, 2019 Sarah Jeanne Adkins (IG) Non-traditional techniques in traditional art P / YT
Aug 24, 2019Kelly StanfordSources of InspirationPeriscope deleted the video ;.;
Aug 10, 2019Molly Patton How design positively impacts science P
June 15, 2019None (Rescheduled Kelly Stanford)Programs for Digital ArtP / YT
June 1, 2019Olivia WilkinsWhat is SciArt? P / YT
May 18, 2019NoneWhat does the future of academia look like? P / YT