Not being the “perfect” scientist

I was talking to my advisor that day about these vague plans of mine, and he said something along the lines of “Don’t discount doing research.  There aren’t enough researchers who think about science like you do.  Think about becoming a PI.”   I did think about that, and it became my new plan.  But did I really understand what being a PI meant?… Read More

Communication with the non-scientific community

When I was in film school, I remember one class being asked “Why do we make films?” and hearing many different responses. “But what about the audience?” my film professor asked.  Many of the students in the class were baffled.  They had never thought about important it was to effectively communicate their vision to the audience. … Read More

The erasure of race in genetics

“Race doesn’t exist.” I remember the first time I heard this.  I was in my evolution class in undergrad.  My professor pulled up a picture of two subspecies of bird.  They looked exactly alike, and my professor mentioned that there is … Read More

Why science is political

That Profound Moment I was late that morning to the Precision Health Symposium, having slept in and missed my train, but the first speaker was still talking when I arrived.  Instead of pushing my way around round tables that didn’t … Read More

A new blog

Hello, and welcome to The Process of InQUEERy. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on many topics including science, art, and social justice.  If you haven’t already, take a look at my About page, which will give you a … Read More

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