Logo Design for The Open Notebook
Graphic Design

The Open Notebook (TON) was looking for a set of logos to put at the top of their website for several collections (en Español, Pitch Database, Getting Started in Science Journalism, and Using Narrative to Tell Science Stories). Using their … Read More

#BiInSci t-shirt & sticker design
Graphic Design | Illustration

I was approached by Sarah Olson to create a t-shirt design with the #BiInSci hashtag and celebrating visibility of bisexual people in science. I wanted to use the colors of the Bi Flag as well as the light from a … Read More

Mangrove Forest Sediment Movement
Animation | Data Visualization | Graphic Design | Illustration | Infographic

I was commissioned by Robin McLaughlin to create this graphical abstract for an upcoming paper. This animated loop version was included to show how water and sediment moves over time. Below is the animated loop version

Gender-creative Emojis
Graphic Design

Brief: Emoji styled icons that display gender variety in alignment with Stats NZ categories. Each icon should be delivered in a minimum of 300dpi 300×300 as an individual file in order to be resized for alternate projects. Male and Female … Read More

Act Against Cancer: Clinical Trials
Infographic | Graphic Design | Illustration | Writing

Several graphics and infographics created for the Arizona Cancer Center’s donor newsletter, Act Against Cancer, focused on Clinical Trials.  This project particularly mixed science communication with creating beautiful visuals to accompany stories. In addition to the graphics, I also wrote … Read More

Act Against Cancer, Immunotherapy
Infographic | Graphic Design | Writing

As part of my work with the University of Arizona Cancer Center, I created several graphics for the Immunotherapy Edition of the donor newsletter, Act Against Cancer.  These 6 graphics explain scientific topics related to how immunotherapy works, different types, … Read More

SynthProbe Logo Design
Graphic Design

This SynthProbe logo was designed as a sort of joke for a protocol in my undergraduate laboratory, where I worked for almost two years.  I did end up getting it as a t-shirt!