Magician’s Club – December 2022

What to Expect in Today’s Digest

Hi, Magician! It’s great to see you in the club room today. I can’t believe 2022 is coming to a close! Thank you for spending the year with me and for sticking with me into 2023.

The Mind Probe: What’s Going on?

I have quite a bit planned for 2023.

  • My novella, Devil’s Sanctuary, will be going to ebook/print
  • Tale 4 of Tales of a Vernian Youth will kick off, and we’ll even get through Tale 5, which will be the last one before that one goes to ebook/print.
  • A previously published novella, Those Without Wings, will be going back into print.
  • Getting further into the action of A Little Bit of Chaos Theory.
  • A new paranormal fantasy romance series coming (name TBD) that I’m looking forward to getting started on.

That’s a lot, and it’s all possible because of your support!

What am I working on daily?

Tale 3 of my humorous science fantasy adventure story, Tales of a Vernian Youth, has just finished. You can read all 3 tales currently available on Kindle VellaLaterpress, or Fictionate. I’m still working on Tale 4, but I hope to have it done soon so that new episodes can go live at the beginning of 2023.

As I mentioned last time, we’ll see some relationship development for Octavian & Replika and get to know some loveable new characters. I’m so glad that I fleshed this world out a bit more, but I’m also looking forward to Tale 5, which will wrap up Book 1: The Magician and the Mechanical Doll.

The Crystal Ball: Upcoming Episodes

Tales of a Vernian Youth

Tales of a Vernian Youth

Tale 3 of Tales of a Vernian Youth is now complete and ready for binge reading!

A Little Bit of Chaos Theory

A Little Bit of Chaos Theory

I hope to publish at least 2 episodes in December. Don’t miss out on the 3 episodes that I published in November.

  • Crus & the Creature, that creature has a name thank you very much, and what fate Xicmeak & Intlola
  • Oh look, a flashback! Finally getting to see what happened to Xicmeak and Intlola on the Stargazer
  • What if a smidgen is a thing? Xiclola agree to leave the escape pod, but Guegkwa doesn’t escape

Rain Does Fall

Rain Does Fall has a brand new cover and 4 new episodes!

  • Twins and Time
  • A funeral
  • New school, new tests
  • Brian Jameson

The Calling: Awesome Promotions

Find your next favorite story with these amazing promos!

Today’s Magician Training

Are you celebrating a holiday this month? If so, which one and what do you have planned? Hit me up on social media, and let me know!

Our little experiment with tinsel had a bit of a hiccup. Don’t worry. No one important was hurt. But if you could sign both the get well soon card and the NDA by the door, it would be greatly appreciated.

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