Magician’s Club – July 2022

It’s My Birthday Month!

What to expect in today’s digest:

  1. Upcoming episodes of my serial fiction stories
  2. Announcements and general news
  3. Cool promos & reads to add to your To-Be-Read list
  4. Today’s Magician Training

The Crystal Ball: Upcoming Episodes

Hi, Magician! It’s July, which is my birthday month! Here in the desert southwest of the US, we’re starting monsoon season. The rain always feels great, and it really reminds you to appreciate the small things in life.

Tales of a Vernian Youth

Let’s get started with the titles of this month’s Tales of a Vernian Youth episodes.

  • The sky shield (NEW TODAY!)
  • Face to face with the Pirate Captain
  • A pirate’s diplomercy
  • Magician required

Learn More

Read on Kindle Vella (US only)

Read on Laterpress (Global)

Clouds from Heaven

Clouds From Heaven, my coming of age story, updates twice a week on Mondays & Fridays. Here are the titles of some of this month’s episodes:

  • The Accident
  • Permanent Damage
  • A strange kind of normal
  • Moshe
  • A growing attraction and a bittersweet goodbye

Read on Kindle Vella (US only)

Read on Laterpress (Global)

The Mind Probe: Upcoming Projects

New paranormal fantasy series: Devil’s Sanctuary

I’ve started another new series, a paranormal fantasy with romance thrown in. There are currently 13 episodes for you to enjoy.

Kidnapped and imprisoned by her oppressors, magic is her only hope.
Danae is kidnapped by the demon who killed her father, yet when she meets the demon again, he seems almost human.

Can Danae master the magic of her people and exact her revenge on the demon? Or will she die a prisoner, unable to deny her feelings for her captor?

The first 3 episodes are free to read!

Read on Kindle Vella (US only)

Read on Laterpress (Global)

What am I working on daily?

To my new magician friends, welcome! I’m excited to have quite a new subscribers this month. If you’re one of them, thank you so much for being here. It’s inspiring to know that you are interested in my work.

Let’s talk about what I’ve got going on, starting with ToVY.

Tales of a Vernian Youth will be finishing up Tale 2: The Magic Computer this month. I’m editing Tale 3 and really enjoying it, which is always a good sign. Tale 3 takes us to our 3rd and 4th universes!

I’ve also been tinkering with some other ideas. For example, a short story anthology featuring tales similar to the asides you’d read in ToVY. And another series that I’m going to lovingly call “Chaos Theory” for no particular reason.

I also have several more serious stories on the backburner that I’d love to write when I’m in the mood, which I hopefully will be soon. Those will be similar in tone to Devil’s Sanctuary, a bit dark with a more romantic vibe.

Are you looking forward to more humorous irreverence? Would you like to learn more about the alternate realities Octavian and Replika will be visiting? Or do you long for the depth and somberness of my darker fantasy?

Hit me up on social media and let me know!

Thanks for reading. I heard that you taught the new apprentice some cleaning spells, and I’ve been pretty impressed with the clubroom! Who knew the floors could shine?!

Until next time,


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