Magician’s Club – August 2022

What to Expect in Today’s Digest

The Crystal Ball: Upcoming Episodes

Hi, Magician!

This month, I’m focusing on writing what brings me joy. And that means plenty of cool stuff for you to read!

Tales of a Vernian Youth

Today marks the beginning of Tale 3 of Tales of a Vernian Youth! If you aren’t caught up, now’s a great time as we jump into a new alternate reality! Here are this month’s episode titles.

  • Beneath the Waves (NEW TODAY!)
  • Memories and Memettes
  • Don’t Drop Important Things
  • He Has Regrets

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We’re jumping into a new reality today. What alternate reality would you like to see Octavian and Replika visit? Hit me up on social media and let me know!

Clouds from Heaven

Clouds From Heaven, my coming of age story, updates twice a week on Mondays & Fridays. Here are the titles of some of this month’s episodes:

  • He ruined everything
  • First date
  • Achmed’s threat
  • A rocky start to a relationship
  • Getting physical

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Devil’s Sanctuary

Devil’s Sanctuary is my paranormal fantasy story, which updates 1 or 2 episodes every Tuesday. This month, you can look forward to these episodes.

  • Weakness (LIVE NOW!)
  • Plan and Past
  • Final Days
  • Losing Myself
  • Primal Power

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The Mind Probe: Upcoming Projects

New humorous sci-fi series: A Little Bit of Chaos Theory

If you’ve been looking for something similar in tone to Tales of a Vernian Youth, check out A Little Bit of Chaos Theory (ALBoCT).

A Bunch of Randos on a Living Spaceship embark on a Weird Adventure
A living spaceship and a mission so secret, the ship doesn’t even remember what it is. Join a band of explorers as they travel to the least sought after corners of the galaxy in search of something in particular. No one is sure what that something is, but they know that it will save the race of living Ferinian spaceships.

The first 3 episodes are free to read!

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What am I working on daily?

Last month, we finished up Tales of a Vernian Youth Tale 2: The Magic Computer, and today, we are starting Tale 3: The Rarity of Human Life. We are immediately thrown into a new reality, a world where there are human-like people, but they’re very different.

I won’t spoil it.

I’m in editing mode at the moment, finalizing episodes of Clouds From Heaven and Devil’s Sanctuary. Both stories should be finishing up in September, although Clouds From Heaven may carry over to the beginning of October.

I have 2-3k words left of ToVY Tale 3 to rewrite and then I’ll be editing that as well.

Because of all this editing, I’ve gotten editing fatigue. So one day, I decided I was going to write something off-the-cuff. Most of my writing nowadays is planned out in a very detailed way. I do outlines, detailed outlines, first draft, complete rewrites, then edits. I wanted to give myself some freedom to explore a new story that would surprise even me.

That’s why I started A Little Bit of Chaos Theory (ALBoCT). While each episode is edited to ensure quality, the story is unfolding as I write. This is a great opportunity because it means that you can help determine the future of the story! If you’re reading on Kindle Vella, you’ll see polls at the end of each episode. Some of those polls let YOU decide elements of the story.

I’m excited to see where it goes.

Thanks for reading. You may have heard about the incident with the tiger in the common area last month. Perhaps you even stopped by before we could clean up all the glitter. Please be assured that we are investigating the occurrence and will identify the responsible parties.

Until next time,


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