Hella Vella
Worldbuilding Panel

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C.P. Night

C.P. Night shares her crazy ideas in sci-fi and fantasy tales. A creative geek and night owl, she enjoys writing in the deepest hours of the night while everyone sleeps.

Kindle Vella Stories by C.P. Night
Ebooks by C.P. Night

Poppy Orion

Unapologetic geek. Weirdo. Rebel.🤘Poppy Orion writes mind-bending science fantasy with deep world-building and character-driven storytelling. Her north star: a sci-fi fandom that’s fun and safe for everyone.

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The Valmoran Chronicles by Poppy Orion

Gaius Augustus

Gaius (they/them) is a trans*, non-binary, queer, and disabled author of magical queer stories living in the desert southwest of the US.

Kindle Vella Stories by Gaius
Tales of a Vernian Youth by Gaius J. Augustus
A Little Bit of Chaos Theory by Gaius J. Augustus
Devil's Sanctuary by Gaius J. Augustus
Manifestation of Prophecy by Gaius J. Augustus

Robert Grayson

Robert Grayson is a husband and father, and a fan of fantasy and sci-fi stories. When he’s not living in the worlds he’s created, he resides in Northern California with his family.

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