Workshops & Seminars

No sense in having knowledge and not sharing it

I love teaching and seeing what others create. I’ve taught individuals and in group settings, both in person and online. Each project starts with a conversation about your vision.

Workshops & Seminars

My workshops are designed to be interactive.  With less lecturing and more exercises, activities, and conversations, we’ll build skills and relationships.

  • From Science To Infographic: Learn how to simplify your science and create your own infographic.
  • Visual design for scientific posters: Improve your scientific posters with a visual design that focuses on getting your research across more effectively.
  • Simplify your science: Reduce jargon and increase interest with this workshop, which focuses on tailoring your message to a general audience.
  • Interpreting data for young scientists: A great course for undergraduate or first-year graduate students. This course teaches a visual method of reading scientific literature, interpreting the data, and critically thinking about results.
  • Create your own. Is there a topic that you’d love to hear more about?


  • Science
    • Succeeding in graduate school as a queer person
    • Integrative science careers
  • Diversity
    • Gender and sexual minority competency training
    • Being transgender in college
  • Create your own.  Is there a topic that you’d love to hear more about? Contact me and let’s talk!

It all starts with a conversation about your needs & goals.

Scheduled Online Workshops & Workshop Waitlists


If you’re interested in improving your artistic skills or learning how to use an art program, I offer tutoring services. Short term & long term tutoring services are both available.

It all starts with an introductory chat to go over your needs and goals.


Do you have a project that you need consulting on? Consulting is great if you need input on:

  • an infographic
  • a scientific poster
  • figures for journal articles
  • other artistic projects

It all starts with a conversation to go over your needs.