Science communication: 5 new frontiers

Science writing allows us to communicate science to the general public, but we can do more. Science art and other fields are moving us into a new revolution of science communication. Read on for the next frontiers of science communication.

Alternative careers in science, Part 3

In a previous post, I talked about academia not being designed for people who have depression, anxiety, etc to succeed.  I also spent some time talking about imposter syndrome. This particular post is the second in a series about careers other than being a research advisor (PI) or even being a researcher in industry. Part 3 in a 3 part series.

This piece of advice changed my life, but not in the way intended

I had a past that told me that I had to do whatever it took to reach the end of the road I was stuck on. But this piece of advice helped me realize that I can veer off course to find the path that’s right for me.

Mental Health: Silence When Things are Bad

Mental health issues impact my life as a PhD student as well as my future life as a scientist. Let’s talk about the impact these issues have and how we can create a community that fosters scientists who have chronic depression and anxiety.