Dearest visitor, reader, or potential fan. Please enjoy the following work of non-fiction on the life and times of…me.

Get all the words out


Gaius is a trans*, nonbinary, queer, disabled, and pagan storyteller living in the desert southwest of the USA.

Gaius’s first stories were told to family. They were on the lies side of stories, but they were arguably entertaining.

As a little girl, Gaius started writing a detective series in order to deal with the boredom of writing sentences with spelling words. None of these detective stories have survived the years, which is probably for the best.

Gaius started their first novel at 10 years old, completing it at 13. It was a story about an alien trapped on Earth who slowly goes crazy because she’s allergic to a substance in the air. This is one that they would like to rewrite someday because while it had a lot of potential, their craft has improved a bit since.

By high school, they were throwing themselves into novels and short stories. By the time they graduated high school, they had 4 novels and dozens of short stories in notebooks sitting on a shelf. Most of those stories are still on physical or digital shelves, though some of them would be incredibly exciting to work on again.

Since then, Gaius has written 4 more novels, none of which have been released, and several short stories and novellas. They’ve only recently gotten the confidence to begin rewriting, editing, and releasing their work. If you’ve started reading ToVY recently, you’ve gotten a glimpse into their soul as a lifelong storyteller.

Outside of writing, here are some interesting facts about Gaius:

  • Their favorite color is somewhere on the blue-green spectrum (teal, turquoise, aquamarine, etc).
  • Being a picky eater is a lifestyle for them, though not a choice.
  • They have one cat and one cat ghost.
  • They recently celebrated their 19th anniversary with their high school sweetheart.
  • After attending a fine arts high school, they continued on to an art & design university.
  • Their specialty was film & television, though they took classes in sequential art and animation as well.
  • That didn’t work out for monetary reasons, so with only a semester left, they dropped out and joined the wonderful world of retail.
  • Several years later, they returned to school for another 10 years to get a bachelors in Chemistry and Biology and a PhD in Cancer Biology.

Wouldn’t it be more fun to learn about the universe of universes (ToVYverse) that exist in my flagship series?