New Year 2016

I just realized that I forgot to post an image I did in August.  It’s here now.   It’s just another coloring concept piece that I did.


Looking back at the year,  I was able to almost do one image per month.  I uploaded 11 pieces total, but really only completed pieces for 8 months.  I’m seeing the goal the same for this year: one at piece per month. I’m looking forward to getting enough JACK comics done to start updating that by the end of the year.   I have about 20 drawn, they need finishing touches and color, but I have the style figured for now, which is the hardest part. I also have several story ideas, but don’t know where to go with those, so we’ll see. Maybe a collaboration is in order.

I also just purchased a house that will give me more space to do art, creating, and building. The whole purpose of this site and keeping up with this art is to give me somewhere to express myself. If I’m slacking, I’m likely pushing myself until burn out. Prevention measures set!

Looking forward to the new year.