September/October 2015

It’s been several months since I updated.  I’ve been busy with research and classes, as well as getting surgery that left me out of commission for several weeks.  Recently, in an effort to create a website for my lab, I created this image of an iceberg.  The story behind it is on the page.  I also took some time off from working on the JACK comic, but I’m back to it now.

Plans are moving along to get the comic up and running.  I’m working out how often I want to update, how long I want it to be, and how much of a buffer I will need.  Either way, once it starts, I won’t go on a hiatus.  I’ll likely take a few scheduled breaks throughout the year, but that’s all.


Anyway, I don’t have more news than that, so I’ll leave this post short.  Until next month!