May/June 2015

Last month, I posted an image of Kristen from the upcoming JACK comic, which I’m hoping to start in 2016.  It was inspired by a documentary I saw from Disney called “Four Artists Paint One Tree”.  I really enjoyed the techniques the artists used to depict the trees and this image popped into my mind.  It’s been difficult translating images between my tablet and computer.  The biggest issue has been lights and shadows, which look different based on the brightness of my tablet screen, and also look different from my computer screen.

In order to address this, I’ve begun just looking at the alpha values of my tablet.  I try to get some true blacks and true whites into the image so that I’ll know that I have a full range.  Then I work on my mid ranges.

Hopefully, you can see this with this month’s image: JACK Stars.  It again features Johnathan, Kristen, Alex, and Cami.  I hope to use this image as the header for the website once the comic gets up and rolling.

Speaking of the comic, as I said, the goal is 2016.  I’m wanting to get a good buffer (at least 25 comics) done so that I can update consistently.  I have 200+ scripts ready and have been sifting through them to see how many good ones there are.  Once my buffer is ready, I’ll begin updating the comic.  I hope to start with 5 comics and then update weekly.

I’ll be travelling to Seattle in July for 2 weeks.  This means that I may not have any image for July, but I’ve been doing very well creating one piece a month.  I’ll have a lot of photos that hopefully I can use for art, though!