January 2015

Happy New Year.  I thought since I’ve been working on The Fall that I wouldn’t have time to do any other art pieces.  I was inspired to do a new series featuring 4 characters from my stories All Too Gently and upcoming comic JACK.  I was inspired when thinking about an old image I did of Kristen with two lighting sources.  So Johnathan, Alex, Cameron, and Kristen were my subjects for four images in the Sexy Light Image Series.  There also is one new image in the sketches.

I’ve decided to continue working on The Fall primarily on my tablet, and have just finished formatting the files to work.  I’ve finished one page since then and am slowly working through panel by panel.  Hopefully I can finish by May at this rate.  That’s my new goal for the project.

Until then, enjoy these new images.  I hope to go back and refine them at some point, as they are still pretty sketchy.  I really enjoyed trying out some portraits.