November Update

In keeping with my “One a month” challenge, I’ve uploaded a new image.  Again created on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition, this time I played around with some dramatic lighting on the face of Cameron, one of my original characters.

As winter break comes, I’ll be working hard to try to finish The Fall, an original science fiction comic that I planned to finish by Jan 1st, 2015.  If I get to finish it, it will begin updating in mid-January.  My challenge with this is that I’ve done the first pages on the computer version of Photoshop.  This presents two problems: 1) The files are too large to do page by page on my tablet.  I would instead have to do panel by panel. and 2) I might not be able to replicate the style on my tablet.  Therefore, I’ll be trying to finish it on my computer.

In addition, I’ve completed 180 comic scripts for a gag-a-day comic, JACK, featuring four of my older original characters.  My goal was to complete 200 scripts by Jan 1st, 2015.  This comic will be done completely on my tablet in strip style, so should be able to be completed at regular intervals.  I’ve argued purchasing Sketchbook Ink for my tablet for its wide variety of brushes specific for inking.  If I can optimize inking in Sketchbook Ink and coloring in Adobe Photoshop Touch, I’d be SUPER happy.  But thus far, that seems to be more difficult than it sounds.


Anyway, I’ll still be uploading something in December, and hopefully will have good news about projects for 2015!