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Welcome to the online art portfolio of Gaius Augustus.  To see updates, click the above link.  View images by clicking on them, and click “Details” to see comments, medium, and other information.

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Animation - Rb-E2F role in quiescence
Cancer Biology Photo Sessions Part 1
Constant Con Wordpress Website
Constant Con Mockup Website
DiAngele Augustus Portfolio Website
Cancer Biology GIDP Website
Webcomic Backend
The Indigo Path Main Site
ABBS Website
Augustus Visions Website
GJA CV Website
GJA Splash Page
Indigo: Sisters Website
Sam & Angel, Indigo Sisters
Adams with Wings
Kristen Headshot
Cameron Headshot
Johnathan Headshot
Alex Headshot
JACK stars again
Shading Concept Art 2
Shading Concept Art
JACK Stars
Kristen in the woods
Derricks Sulking
Sexy Light - Johnathan
Sexy Light - Alex
Sexy Light - Cameron
Sexy Light - Kristen
Anime Headshot
The Amulet
Cameron in Dramatic Lighting
Art Evolution 3 - Illeiina with Sheeham Doll
Illeina with Sheeham Doll
JACK concept & tablet design
Cameron's Shade
Mermaid Surprise
Kristen & Cameron
Cameron & Alex in the Moonlight
Mia Concept Art
Art Evolution - Cami x Alex
Art Evolution 1 - "Cami x Alex"
The Fall Character Design - Xan
Illeina Concept Art
Art Evolution 2 - Cami x Alex Book
Sheeham Concept Art
Art Evolution 2
The Fall Character Design - Anthocyanin
The Fall Character Design - The Mystics
Don't Tempt Me
Rachael & Moses on the Stairs
The Fall Character Design - Chlors
The Fall Concept Art 2
The Fall Concept Art
Singing Fish for Davis Lab
SynthProbe logo
AWA Cover Art Submission